Vodacom Lesotho

Tangerine started working with Vodacom Lesotho from 2009 with the Community Builder Awards, which birthed the Vodacom Lesotho foundation Contract that lasted three years. The program was instituted as a vehicle through which Vodacom Lesotho gives back to society, invests in the community and supports grass-root projects. This also required us to work directly with Vodafone.

Our Research

  • Mystery shopping for all the Vodacom Shops
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • NPS Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Service Audit for (60) Vodacom container shops around Lesotho
  • Vodacom Lesotho Customer Experience; Development and Management of social media accounts on various popular platforms

Mediums Used

 Lesotho Hall of fame Awards


Community Builder Awards Ceremony-2009-2012

Kick4Life Project Funding- 2012

Vodacom Recycling Program-2011-2012

Lesotho Sky Funding-2012